We focus on you. Not us.
Ours is a quiet revolution. We focus on what really matters to you.

We listen like nobody else because, well, we listen like nobody else, allying the art of story with cutting edge neuroscience.
Our practice, our technology, listens to what’s not being said.
Why? That’s where the gold is.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or a strategic consultant, an NGO fundraiser or a pollster, a team leader or a sales agent, a communications manager or a customer service representative, we focus on what you say and what you don't say.

Not what we say: what you don’t say. The hidden articulations of your story.

Maybe that’s why we love the deep background, the subtle, the backstory, the undetected clues that drive your business. That’s what co-creativity—flow, shared—liberates: the one thing everybody wants, the one thing you can’t explain, the secret life of business value—that’s what we co-create with you, your team, your customers, your stakeholders.

How do we get you there? We ask you and your team three highly targeted, absolutely custom, project-specific questions.

And then we listen.

Within seconds you’ll see who trusts whom on your team, where and why your project aligns—or doesn’t—with your audience’s emotions, who’s most and least persuadable—and who’s the leading agent of change.

All that and an emergent set of ‘get to next’ strategy prompts to shrink your team’s ‘last mile’ from decision to action, every step of your project cycle. Yes, we indeed use story and neuroscience to bring co-creativity to life.

But first, we listen like nobody’s business.

Welcome to the (r)evolution.