Frequently asked questions
What does HUME stand for?
Human Understanding Made Emergent.
What is HUME?
Our practice is our product: Emergent Emotional Intelligence (EEI), continuously mapped, actualizing the art and science of collective decision-making. We compute metaemotions—how you feel about how you feel—then map out emotional distance, emotional alignment and trust intensity. You’ll ‘see’ yourself, your team, your customers, instantly. Cooperation and collaboration, sales and fundraising are suddenly transparently clear. 
What's the problem that HUME solves?
Organizations are inundated with information that’s hard to decipher without additional spend, human resources and most precious of all—time. HUME focuses on why we make decisions, delivering the most critical attributes of successful human decision-making: attention, clarity and trust.
What does HUME do?
Our technology unearths the metaemotional values intrinsic to team members’ commitment to their best next move, generated from the stories they tell themselves, why they self-identify the way they do and how they self-organize to collaborate and network together.

Result? identifies stakeholders’ critical metaemotional values, who’s most likely to trust one another, who’s likeliest to lead decisive change—and why.

ROI? Attention. Clarity. Trust—in any collective project.

Deliverable? Precise, secure, immediate decision-making. Rinse. Repeat. The intelligence never stops.
What makes HUME different?
Metaemotions. If you know what they feel, you’ll know where they're headed. Our metaemotional intelligence practice unearths the hidden personal perspectives governing user alignment around any human initiative. Instant, clear and actionable. Human understanding made emergent.
Whom do we serve?
Wherever there’s human dialogue around change expressed in conversation, media, news, podcast or video. We serve:

— Enterprise leadership teams
— Sales/market intelligence
— Marketing/advertising media
— Fundraising
— Trend spotting (retail, travel, political)
— Team productivity management
— C-suite executives
Which market sectors are our early adopters?
— Financial Institutions
— Marketing, advertising and media optimization
— Sales and retail intelligence
— Management/strategic consultancies
— Political polling/consumer insight
— Public services and social change agents
— Fundraising non-profits
— Impact investors/market makers
Is just emotion detection and sentiment analysis?
No. Emotion detection works in volume, pitch and variation, while sentiment analysis makes statistical guesses from things you might have said. Our tool and process is neither retrospective nor statistical. It's emergent.
Big difference. 
The patterns in emerging emotional and contextual values we capture from your responses to the three simple questions we ask continuously, adaptively, iteratively are pure emotional intelligence—
not a ‘read on’ media analytics that you have to interpret. We cut right to the chase: where decisions are made.