Imagine turning dead end meetings into powerfully productive conversations where everyone's seen and heard.

Read the room. Win the room. Land the plane.

Any team. Any audience. Shared flow, on tap.

HUMEworks: Human ingenuity. Unleashed.

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Identify stakeholders’ critical emotional values, who’s most likely to trust one another, who’s fit to lead decisive change—and why.

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Bring your team to clarity.
Our technology validates the emotions around change as team members’ commit to their best next move.

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Apply personalized learnings. Activate what matters most to your team—trust. Rigorous, decision making intelligence—constantly on tap.

What our users say

"I'm a social scientist. Data rigour and reproducible results are everything in my world — what HUME does is breathtaking."

B.K. Professor, researcher, community data specialist.

"HUME is what you use to make life-changing decisions for yourself, your team, your organization, your customers."

A.R. CEO, Digital transformation expert

"I've never seen anything like this. It's so powerful. You can see everything you need to align teams and target all your communications, right there. I'm so impressed."

G.L. VP-GM international consulting group.™ team

Brendan Howley

President, Partner

Technology & Innovation Lead


Rami Lippa


Creative & Marketing Lead


Akino McLeish

Partner & CEO

Product Strategy Lead


Stephanie Park

Partner & Operations Lead

Knowledge Architect


Nikolai Howley


‍UX & Software Development Lead


Isiah Aslam


IT Systems & Gamification Lead


Doug Thompson

CEO & Chief Ideas Officer

Bureau of Bright Ideas


Tom Vosper

Director Development & Alumni Engagement

University of British Columbia


Barry Kuntz

Managing Director

Black-Isle Consultants (NA)