The Five Pillar Poster
By HUMEworks

Know the feeling?

At some point in your working life, you’ve encountered a ‘Five Pillar Poster’ when walking down the hallways of your place of work.

Although many companies are typically proud of their well designed, well produced wall posters that hang throughout their offices, (alongside their org charts and company ‘manifestoes’) they usually include fine words like: Customer focused, Transparency, Integrity, Openness, Belonging—as hallmarks of the organizations’ culture. 

But however grand and meaningful these words inherently might be, how do you really affect change in a company so it spreads and permeates in everything you and everyone actually DOES?

Or— how do you translate the words on the wall into ACTION?

Simple—from the ground up.

In Tony Robinson’s words:
Where focus goes, energy flows.

Simple—from the ground up.

At HUMEworks, we developed a unique system that instantly liberates peoples’ minds to co-create and exchange ideas together—freely, equally, confidently. 

People feel seen and heard because they feel comfortable and trusted.

They recognize themselves and sense fresh awareness of the wider network of peers, customers, contributors, sharing non-obvious thinking, together.

This remarkable experience we’ve termed ‘listening to what ISN’T being said.’

And the outcome of continuous social self-improvement we call shared flow. 

Forget ‘away days’, complicated org charts, spreadsheets and company manifestoes that are becoming the ’go to’ bureaucratic tools for the enforcement of old fashioned compliance and optimization structures.

That’s pure industrial age mindset, totally outmoded in the white-hot crucible of today’s super fast age of change. 

Unleash the power of HUMEworks’ shared flow —watch those silent five pillar posters you encounter everyday—come to life.