The Great Restructuring
by HUMEworks

There’s no going back: the world of work is restructuring at warp speed.

Three questions dominate how we as individual talents and members of teams whose modus operandi has been recast by the pandemic. There’s no doubt COVID has served to accelerate the Great Restructuring already underway in economies across the planet: the transformation of how human beings will work with intelligent machines.

>> How well do you/will you work with intelligent machines? How do you optimize how you’ll process increasingly specialized streams of data?Premium skill required: critical, contextual thinking.

>> Are you a polymath/deep generalist capable of deep work across multiple disciplines, to a very high degree of focus/ expertise. Meaning: how do you bring multiple valuable contexts to bear on a problem, initiative, opportunity or emerging network? Premium skill: deep inferential thinking)

>> Can you quickly master new skills, producing high quality work and competing by contributing to strategy at an elite level? How well do you interpret the feedback loops of define/learn/apply/redefine, adaptively and strategically? Premium skill: eliciting the ‘adjacent possible’ as a strategic objective— understanding where your initiative’s going next.

Innovation and creativity as terms of art have been hollowed out, stripped of meaning,

in many cases because the hard work of thinking deeply about how to prosper during the Great Restructuring challenges the status quo of far too many organizations. political landscape is rapidly evolving?

Why, why now?

At, we’ve spent much of the past decade doing precisely that, asking ourselves what, precisely, is the beating heart of innovation, of creativity, of co-creating value in an age of intelligent machines?

All three of the considerations above cannot be brought to life without an understanding of flow, either individually, or, compellingly, across teams; teams in flowstate,  as the overwhelming weight of research demonstrates, amplifies flow amongst the participating individuals: a well aligned team scales flow by self-organizing to share flowstate—flow itself becomes a currency that scales networks.

All of which begs a blunt question: if flow is the limiting factor to winning in the Great Restructuring, why has no digital technology or machine learning ever tackled the problem of applying flow to mediating overwhelming data flows and fragmented workflows?

It’s as if the working lives of hundreds of millions of talented, dedicated people suffer from a kind of collective ADD: an inability to find focus in a tsunami of machine-generated data, drill down to the heart of a solution and to come up with the goods to identify, secure and share value at a highly competitive level.

If you think anything like we do, this ADD in the face of data overwhelm represents vast untapped business value: rectify the ADD and, finally, at long last, see and listen to your organization's data as actionable intelligence, not disaggregated numbers. In a word: clarity, in near realtime, for everyone in your organization using

The missing link

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