Capitalize on the Unexpected
By HUMEworks

The Stress Test: Identify, Secure and Scale Value has developed a revolutionary algorithm. A decade in the making, the algorithm tracks how a story moves through human networks, simultaneously revealing the intensity and movements of the emotions as the stories progress through the networks. The system generates ‘three threes’:

a nine-fold matrix of plain text intelligence, actual media (storytelling frameworks) and strategic options.

  • How can it be used to evaluate a fast- moving topic where the media, cultural and political landscape is rapidly evolving?
  • Would the process primarily provide benefits in evaluating internal or external dynamics?
  • Would we be able to clearly derive strategic value?
  • If so, how would we apply that revealed strategy to scale value in the relevant human networks (team, stakeholder, audience/market)?

Consumer Uncertainty

What did we learn? What did we share? In order to complete this stress test, HUME. works evaluated Consumer Uncertainty from the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

The goals of this project included testing and demonstrating how the process:

  • Helps to define a strategic lens through which the system defines a topic and aligns it to the goals and perspectives of the sponsor organization.
  • Maps internal team alignment, defines areas of opportunity internally, and identifies possible team assignments during specific strategic development phases.
  • Identifies gaps and alignment with key project stakeholders.
  • Evaluates the media landscape on an ongoing basis and identifies emerging trends and values.
  • Provides a ‘workbench’ for strategic brainstorming, media, brand and communication development.

The Process

We have all personally experienced the uncertainty of the past year. Not surprisingly, we subjectively expect that on the specific topic of Consumer Uncertainty the following dimensions might emerge:

  • How the dynamics around uncertainty changed through the pandemic.
  • The emotions and values that emerged as the contours of the pandemic changed.
  • Possible inter-relations between uncertainty and other macro trends in economics, politics and culture. has developed a revolutionary algorithm that is focused on identifying, securing and scaling value. The process includes several phases.

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